Bad football. Boardroom unrest. Financial turmoil. Long-suffering fans. Owls: Sheffield Wednesday Through the Modern Era is the story of a football club struggling to find its way in an ever-changing game.


Almost two decades on from dropping out of the Premier League, and over 25 years after the horrors of the Hillsborough disaster, author Tom Whitworth combines revealing interviews from key players, managers and board members with challenging new insight and perspective, to piece together a compelling account of Wednesday's recent, often turbulent, history.


Owls, the vital new book from local journalist and lifelong Wednesday fan Tom Whitworth. It’s on every every Owls fan’s Xmas wishlist. Your chance to read about:

  • How the club acted in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster;
  • How the club achieved, and came close to even more glory in early 90s Cup Finals;
  • How the club squandered millions of pounds of investment in the 90s on player transfers and wages, resulting ultimately – following the push on a referee by Paolo Di Canio – in relegation from the Premier League;
  • What was happening in the background in the city of Sheffield – the backdrop to the story;
  • What it feels like to watch your football team slide and struggle for year and years;
  • How one manager lost his job on the day of the FA Cup Final, so as to reduce the level of press coverage of the decision;
  • How the club tried to sue a group of its own supporters, but thanks in part to an excellent and determined lawyer did not succeed;
  • How the club went close to the brink with winding-up petitions and High Court appearances, but came through and went on begin a long-awaited comeback;
  • And how through it all, through thick and thin, the supporters stuck with the club, challenged those who were in charge and now are enjoying themselves as the club experiences a long- overdue revival.


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