Roddy McDougall, former print and BBC News journalist and editor at the BBC, ITN, GMTV and TV-am, will be discussing his fascinating book, No Breaks: A Lost Season in British Speedway, at the Berwick Literary Festival on Saturday 15 October 2022 between 12pm and 1pm.

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About the book

No Breaks: A Lost Season in British Speedway is a story of survival. Once Britain's second most popular sport, speedway has been banished to industrial estates and forgotten by the mainstream media. There was fresh optimism ahead of 2020, until the coronavirus crisis stopped the season in its tracks. This is the story of speedway's tumultuous year.

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Praise for No Breaks

“One of the best books about speedway that has ever been published. The end result is a superbly written, intensely interesting account of A Lost Season in British Speedway.” – Peter Oakes at Speedway Star

Reader Reviews

“I saw my first speedway meeting at Wimbledon on Good Friday, April 1946 (the first post-war meeting, with 30,000 crammed inside and 10,000 locked out). I instantly fell in love with the sport and have read almost every book published on it from 1929 to date and can honestly say that No Breaks is possibly the most interesting and captivating one I have yet read about my favourite sport… Every page is compelling and all beautifully written. Lucky me to have it and all who buy it. No praise is too high!”

“Brilliant read. I couldn't put it down at times. Incredibly eye-opening on what British speedway is like and how we need to support it more than ever to hopefully get it back on its feet and thriving again.”

“I have over 700 speedway books and thought that this one of the most interesting and enjoyable I have ever read. Essential reading for every speedway supporter.”

“This book transcends sport… The spare and elegant style allows the voices of people in the speedway community to come to the fore. These are voices not often heard in the media; working class but also self-employed and entrepreneurial.”