The Lost World of Southampton is now officially the biggest football story to hit the city since the 1976 Cup Final, rating an incredible 6 (SIX) page feature in the Southern Daily Echo’s Saturday Pink, who reckon the book is “wonderful”. A “must buy”.


As if that weren’t enough, the Saints nostalgia fest came hot on the heels of another giant Pink feature on Fully Programmed – also new out from nostalgia gurus Gary Silke & Derek Hammond – based entirely around Southampton FC progs from the Golden era of the 60s-90s.


And sports editor Simon Carter says he isn’t finished yet, promising a further foray into The Lost World of Southampton’s memories and memorabilia. There’s an interview coming up with Martin Bennett, the Saints supercollector who provided so many of the brilliant mementoes – records, pennants, scarves, cards, progs, magazines, badges, historic Pink Final Edition banners nicked from newsstands – for the book.


If you’re a Saints fan – or if your mum chucked out your priceless prog collection the day you moved out of home – put your order in with your missus so you can spend all of Christmas morning reliving your footy-mad childhood.


  •  “Wonderful. A must buy. All Saints fans – whether you grew up in the 60s, 70s or 80s or not – will love flicking through the pages. For some it will be a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, a return to their days of childhood innocence. For those of a younger age, it’s a fascinating look at how football used to be. Of how society used to be.” --Southern Daily Echo Pink
  • “Fully Programmed captures the essence of what made football programmes so special during that halcyon thirty-year period between the paper rationing of the early post-War era and the sterility and uniformity of this computer age. The book provides snapshots of time reminding us of those iconic front covers, of the Football League Review (the insert you got whether you wanted it or not), and of how the programme – often humble, always charming – could define the club that published it. I think the book is great.” --Hyder Jawad, Soccerama


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Click here for more information, or to read a sample from Fully Programmed: The Lost World of Football Programmes.