Mark Turley’s Journeymen was short-listed for BSBA Sports Book of the Year in 2015. It tells a story that is often purposely ignored – that of the modern-day boxers who lose for a living. Far from huge purses and pay-per-view hype, the book lays bare the reality of the boxing business and the way it works in small-hall venues countrywide.


New out in paperback, the second edition of Journeymen comes just months before the publication of Mark’s latest title: Redemption: From Iron Bars to Ironman, co-authored with convicted armed robber John McAvoy. This is due just a year after the release of Wiped Out?, his groundbreaking collaboration with Jerome Wilson, who suffered terrible brain injuries in the ring. 


Though sometimes dark, the Journeymen’s tales reveal humour, wisdom and sporting pride: they eschew glamour, make the best of what they have and face the world with a smile and a wink. The featured fighters include:

  • Johnny Greaves ‘The nation’s most famous journeyman’ managed to rack up a 100-fight record in six years, while working as a painter and decorator, smoking twenty a day and drinking. Two world champions and more than twenty British champions failed to knock him out.
  • Jody Meikle Scunthorpe’s ‘One Man Riot’ is known for his in-ring antics. Despite a long history of violent disorder, Jody is a devoted and tender single father – and sadly back behind bars at the moment.
  • Rockin’ Robin Deakin A fighting miracle – born disabled, with severe deformities of the lower legs, Robin was in a wheelchair to the age of 6. He is currently lobbying the Board to win back his licence.
  • Max Maxwell At the start of his career, Jamaican-born Max knocked out recent world title challenger Brian Rose and was Midlands area champion – before going ‘on the road’ and at one time chalking up 33 straight defeats.
  • Kristian Laight Known as 'Mr Reliable' for the fact that in eleven years, he has never turned down a contest, Laight has fought anywhere between featherweight and light-middle and is a true professional, adapting his bodyweight to suit his opponent, week-by-week.


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