Pitch Publishing



Pitch Publishing has issued the following statement in relation to the current coronavirus crisis, with regard to our customers, suppliers, staff, freelancers and authors.

Our thoughts go out to all of you who have been affected by this unprecedented event. The health and wellbeing of the population remains the absolute priority for us all, and alongside this we are doing everything we possibly can to continue as normal.

We’ve understandably seen a drop-off in orders this week from various retailers, as some quite rightly prioritise deliveries of more essential products.

This will mean tough times ahead for independents, but nonetheless we are making a commitment to pay each of our freelance staff on completion of work and submission of invoice.

We’re also continuing with our 80+ new titles for 2020 while planning for 2021, bringing forward work where possible to help that loyal band of freelancers who have seen other work disappear.

Books can easily be edited, typeset, proofed and indexed at home, and we will do our best to keep our freelancers busy with work.

Should any authors find their circumstances changed due to the crisis, and able to complete their manuscripts for 2020 or 2021 ahead of schedule, early delivery would be hugely appreciated, enabling us to help our freelancers remain engaged, busy and earning.

If you like the look of any of our books, you can view them all in our shop and read a free sample – and if your budget can afford it, your support would greatly appreciated.

Wherever possible, and in line with government advice, please continue to support all of our retail partners listed on the footer below, and equally your local independents – who may be able to offer deliveries, particularly to the most vulnerable.

Equally, those of you with ebook readers at home, please consider this way of reading. Most of our titles are available in this format and it will reduce the burden of the country’s delivery network, which will provide vital supplies, particularly for those most vulnerable.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be distributing the books we have available to us, to the elderly and vulnerable, who find themselves in self isolation. Using social media, working with the community and simply by leaving books on doorsteps.

Stay safe and well... kindness, togetherness, spirit and community will get us through this.