Steve Mingle shines a light on the four-year Golden Age that followed England’s World Cup victory in 1966.


When England Ruled The World covers the development of every aspect of the game, on and off the pitch, as this was a period of enormous change and ongoing influence.


So many of the trends which emerged in this period – from tactical shifts and TV coverage to football marketing and hooliganism – set us out on the road towards football as we know it today. But for better or worse?


When England Ruled the World offers a new perspective on a revolutionary era in football, including:

  • Why this was the most important and influential period in the development of the domestic game.
  • Why England's ultimate success still wasn't enough for many in the press.
  • The most famous games of the period, embellished with killer lines from some of the greatest football writers of all time.
  • Profiles of all the prominent English players of the day, highlighting their finest hours throughout the four-year timeframe.
  • The draconian attitude of the football authorities and their relentless attempts to frustrate progress.
  • The increasing influence of television and the reluctance of so many to embrace it.
  • How Ramsey's tactics influenced the domestic game.
  • The English contempt for foreigners and their evil cheating ways – and the birth of widespread hooliganism and racism in football.


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