Fifty Years of Man City



To celebrate 50 years of watching Manchester City, Steve Mingle presents an array of memories spanning the whole period. The Best and Worst of Everything includes heroes and villains, triumphs and disasters, moments of genius and heinous cock-ups. Here are Steve’s most memorable games, players and incidents in a weird and wonderful range of categories.

There’s much to look back on with affection – the greatest wins at Old Trafford, the Goat’s spawniest finishes, Bell’s finest goals, the best wins with ten men – but also plenty of pain, as Steve looks back on the worst goalkeeping howlers, most costly own-goals and biggest refereeing stitch-ups, as well as revealing City's most powerful jinxes.

Amongst all this, Steve selects his favourite comedy chants, pie eaters and goal celebrations as well as providing hard statistical input – who have really been City’s penalty kings? Who do we wish we could have played every week? It’s a fascinating book packed with memories good and bad, full of debating points for City fans of all ages.

50 Years of Manchester City not only embraces the best and worst of everything sky blue, but also unearths some surprising and unusual nuggets from the club's unique history, including:

  • The player who was delighted to have his only league goal expunged from the records
  • The unenviable connection between David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne and Tommy Booth
  • The reason why Joe and Malcolm insisted that midweek home games were played on a Wednesday
  • The painfully one-footed player whose other foot was used purely for scoring goals
  • The man whose goal times were frequently measured in seconds rather than minutes
  • The only referee to receive a standing ovation from the Maine Road crowd
  • The short City careers of two tragic Goal of the Season winners
  • The City captain who failed to take heed of the Crafty Cockney’s most famous mistake
  • The hefty midfielder who had to celebrate his rare goals all on his own
  • And the charades-loving striker who was tailor made for Give Us A Clue

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