Where Have All the Irish Gone?



Where Have All the Irish Gone? The Sad Demise of Ireland's Once Relevant Footballers is the hard-hitting, investigative story of how and why it has gone so wrong for Irish footballers at the elite level of the English game since the inception of the Premier League.

Before this era, players from the Emerald Isle would often cross the Irish Sea to provide the backbone of the great Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United sides, earning rave reviews across Europe for their skill and value to their respective clubs. They were the kings of the English game, and that was reflected in the success of the Irish national team. But it all came crashing down, eventually leading to Irish players having little more than bit-part roles at the business end of the English game.

Where Have All the Irish Gone? carefully maps the grave decline and explains why the demise of Irish players has plunged to a new low – leaving their followers to wonder if they can ever return to the pinnacle in the most popular football league in the world.

Read Where Have All the Irish Gone? and you will discover:

  • The critical reasons why the hopes and dreams of one of Ireland's most gifted generations came crashing down under the weight of the mega-rich Premier League
  • What goes on inside the sacred walls of high-pressure, high-cost English football academies, and the physical and emotional hurdles that young players must overcome to reach the top
  • What happens when the great football dream turns to a living nightmare. In a series of revealing interviews, the book investigates how players struggle to cope having been rejected and sent back to Ireland, often left alone to deal with the hardship of readjusting their life goals 
  • What some of the leading figures in Irish football, such as Richard Dunne and Martin O'Neill, have to say about the current crop of young Irish footballers 
  • Why the Football Association of Ireland continues to jeopardise the aspirations of its young players by continuing to snub the country's greatest ever youth coach
  • The reasons why young Irish players should start shunning glamorous moves to England for the sake of a better, more secure future, both in and out of the game
  • How the Irish once ruled the roost in English football, but are unlikely to ever do so again 
  • What needs to be done, as soon as possible, for Irish football to ever again produce the next Liam Brady or Roy Keane 

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