Max Baer



They called Max Baer the 'Clown Prince of Boxing'. But back in 1933 he showed all the speed, strength and courage it takes to make a champ when he smashed Max Schmeling to defeat in ten brutal rounds. This clown could fight. A year later, Baer was heavyweight champion of the world, beating Italian giant Primo Carnera.

New York loved the handsome Californian. Broadway was his playground and he was never short of playmates. From a $4-a-day foundry worker, Baer's rise was rapid. He was a natural for Hollywood, and his radio and vaudeville engagements alone brought in $250,000. He bought so many suits he couldn't keep track of them; wore a new hat every week; bought a house like a hotel.

Tragically, Baer was just 50 years old when he died from a heart attack in November 1959. This is the fascinating story of an iconic boxing figure who achieved so much in a life too short.

As Damon Runyon said: “There have been many greater fighters than Max Baer but never a greater showman.” In Max Baer: Clown Prince of Boxing you will discover:

  • How Baer came to be world heavyweight champion for 364 glorious days (June 1934-June 1935)
  • And how he opened a song-and-dance revue at the Paramount on Broadway, NYC, just a few weeks after winning the title
  • His punishing routine, criss-crossing America on a ‘have gloves, will travel’ tour, often travelling in one of his 16-cylinder Duesenberg automobiles, driven by a liveried chauffeur
  • The highlight of the show, when Max would go a few rounds with the local hero, mugging to the crowd – only to flatten the contender with one of boxing’s hardest right hands
  • Baer’s complete record: In 84 professional contests he won 71, 53 by knockouts
  • How he beat fighters such as Ernie Schaaf, King Levinsky, Max Schmeling, Tony Galento, Ben Foord and Tommy Farr
  • The great achievement of his induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1995

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