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If you are contacting us to submit a proposal for a new title, please carefully read our submissions guidelines.


Pitch Publishing Limited - registered in England (company number 04405674)

About us


"Pitch capture the real spirit of sport with entertaining and clever ideas. They work out what the aficionado would want to read, and then deliver it with great verve."


Paul Hayward, Chief Sportswriter, The Daily Telegraph 


Pitch Publishing is the UK's leading and most-prolific independent sports publisher, with a vast catalogue covering football, cricket, rugby, boxing, golf, athletics and other sports. Founded on the Sussex coast in 2002 Pitch was recently described by the Sports Bookshelf website as a "beacon of hope for aspiring or established sports authors" - and has now published hundreds of successful sports books, with a number being recognised nationally as outstanding written work.


2017 - The Good Murungu, by Alan Butcher - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2017 - Richie, By Ian Heads and Norm Tasker - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2017 - His Own Man, by Timothy Johnston and Donald Macgregor - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2017 - Running Hot & Cold, by Doug Richards - Best Book at the 2017 Running Awards

2016 - Moody Blue, By Marco Negri and Jeff Holmes - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2016 - The Iron Curtain, By Phil Larder and Nicholas Bishop - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2014 - The Great English Final, by David Tossell - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2014 - Can't Sleep, Can't Train, Can't Stop, by Andy Holgate - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2014 - Can't Sleep, Can't Train, Can't Stop, by Andy Holgate - Best Book at the 2014 Running Awards

2014 - The Sergio Torres Story, by Sergio Torres - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2014 - The Real Jeeves, by Brian Halford - Runner-up in the MCC and Cricket Society Book of the Year Award

2014 - Then Came Massacre, by Justin Parkinson - Long-listed for the MCC and Cricket Society Book of the Year Award

2014 - Then Came Massacre, by Justin Parkinson - Cricket Web Best New Writer of the Year Award

2013 - The Valiant Cricketer, by Alan Hill - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2012 - It's Not All About the Old Firm, by Scott Burns - The Scotsman's Best Scottish Sports Read

2012 - Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run, by Andy Holgate - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2012 - Tony Greig, by David Tossell - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2012 - Got, Not Got, By Derek Hammond and Gary Silke - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2012 - Sporting Chancer, By Ed Hawkins - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards 

2011 - Animals, by Neil Clack - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards

2011 - Following On, by David Tossell - Runner-up in the MCC and Cricket Society Book of the Year Award

2010 - When Freddie Became Jesus, by Jarrod Kimber - Shortlisted at the British Sports Book Awards.

2003 - The Server, by Spencer Vignes - Long-listed for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year



If you wish to propose a future Pitch Publishing title then the following guidelines will help you prepare your submission.


Your submission must include:

• Proposed title and sub-title

• Description of the book in no more than 300 words

• A brief overview of the book and, if applicable a list of chapters/sections

• Whether the book is already written, or an accurate timescale required to deliver the completed the manuscript  

• If the manuscript is completed, whether it's been edited, to what level and by whom

• Type of images; how many to be included

• Details of any previously published written work


It may also be useful to include:

• Source of images; please detail any potential costs of images if known

• How you envisage the finished product to look

• Cover ideas, including images which could be used

• Any competing or similar titles, previously published or due for release

• Any other information which may be relevant


When you are submitting your proposal, it's important to consider:

• We usually commission work 12-18 months, or longer, in advance of publication

• This allows us the required time to present and sell into key accounts

• Ideally, we like to receive manuscripts 4-6 months ahead of publication 

• However, time-sensitive manuscripts can be delivered later 

• We publish most titles in the trade's traditional book size formats

• These are: trade hardback, trade paperback and mass-market paperback 

• We typically print most books in mono, on bookwove paper

• Picture (plate) sections can be added on a coated stock with either black-and-white or colour images


We review submissions at set times throughout the year, usually quarterly, so you may not receive an immediate response (other than an auto-response to confirm we have received your submission). 


Once we reach a decision on each submission, we do always try to provide feedback, even when rejecting proposals. However, due to the large volume of submissions we receive, this isn't always possible.


Click here for our house-style guidelines which you may find useful. If you are successfully commissioned, all manuscripts should adhere to these guidelines.


Please send submissions electronically to



If you are a retailer or wholesaler and wish to stock our products on a trade basis, you will need to set up a trade account with our distributors LBS. To do this you will need to download the Credit Application Form and return it to LBS at the address indicated. Standard discount terms are available, and stock can be supplied on a sale-or-return basis. For more information please contact us. Our books are also available from our wholesale stockists, including Bertrams Books, Bookspeed and Gardners Books.


It may be easier to make one-off orders via our distributors Littlehampton Book Services and pay by credit or debit card. Standard discount terms are also available on trade orders of this nature of £100 or more. For more information please contact us


US AND CANADA: Customers in USA and Canada please contact our US distribution partners Trafalgar Square Publishing (Independent Publishers Group). They can be reached on +1 312 337 0747 or orders can be placed via


AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND: Customers in Australia and New Zealand please contact our Oceania distribution partners Dennis Jones International. They can be reached at or on +61418544589, or orders can be placed via


EIRE, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND: Customers in Eire, Scotland and North Ireland can follow the sales procedure above to open an account with LBS, or contact our sales agent for this territory Jim Chalmers.


REST OF THE WORLD: For enquiries for the rest of the world please contact Gardners at

For enquiries for the rest of the world please contact us.



We may be able to offer various marketing support to booksellers – depending on the size of your order. This includes advertising and media campaigns; author appearances and other events in store; and in-store posters and flyers. 


Provided stock has been purchased from Littlehampton Book Services on a sale-or-return basis, we will accept returns on all stock, subject to the guidelines listed below. You will need to contact us for further information.


Volume: The number of each title returned should not exceed the value of the last order of that title and returns (unless previously agreed) are capped at a total of 25% of your orders in the previous 12 months.


Age: No title is eligible for return until three months after the date of publication; or 18 months after the publication date.


Firm Sales: If a title is purchased on a firm sale basis (which is usually due to Pitch providing marketing support) a return request will be rejected.


Return of Stock: Once a return request is accepted, stock must be returned in saleable condition and at the expense of the returnee.


Credit Value: The value of the credit is calculated on an average of all purchases of that title over the 12 months prior to date of the last order.