Big Apple Bust-ups



No city in the world is more associated with world championship boxing than New York. So take a ringside seat on the city’s greatest ever fight nights. Join the roaring crowds at iconic venues including Madison Square Garden, the Yankee Stadium, the Polo Grounds and the Long Island Bowl – in the company of boxing historian Thomas Myler.

Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy all the inside stories, including the riot following the Riddick Bowe-Andrew Golota farce, and the human buzzsaw that was Henry Armstrong against Barney Ross. James J Braddock shocked the boxing world to become boxing’s ‘Cinderella Man’ by taming Max Baer, while Tommy Farr upset all predictions by staying 15 rounds with the feared Joe Louis.

New York Fight Nights is a wide-ranging, exciting trip through boxing history which enables you to follow Floyd Patterson’s historic battle with Ingmar Johansson, to witness Randolph Turpin’s tragic downfall against Carl Bobo Olson – and the Harry Greb-Mickey Walker slugfest that continued outside on the sidewalk.

New York Fight Nights is the first book of its kind – a ringside ticket back in time to the greatest ever bouts in the big-fight capital of the world:

  • Return to the 19th-century gaslight era when John L Sullivan fought the English fairground fighter Tug Wilson – and witness Floyd Patterson’s historic battle with Ingmar Johansson
  • Watch Madison Square Garden turn into battleground following Riddick Bowe and Andrew Golota’s foul-filled farce – which led to calls for an outright ban on boxing in the state
  • Remember Primo Carnera, the ‘Ambling Alp,’ who knocked out Jack Sharkey amid allegations of help from his strong associations with mobsters
  • Jimmy Wilde, the ‘Ghost with the Hammer in his Hand,’ undisputed king of the flyweights and a friend of royalty – hammered to bloody defeat by the mighty Pancho Villa
  • Jack Doyle, the handsome Irish heavyweight who mixed with Hollywood movie stars and dined on caviar and champagne – blasted to defeat in one round by Buddy Baer
  • The marathon 25-rounder between James J Jeffries and Tom Sharkey, when the heat of 400 lamps over the ring caused blistering and all their hair to fall out within weeks

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