Richard Keys and Andy Gray interview Alan Gernon at BeIn Sports – and are astonished by the fate of so many top footballers after retirement. Click below to watch the hard-hitting interview.


It’s a subject that’s close to the heart of ex-Villa & Scotland star Gray, who remembers the day he ceased to be a professional footballer with obvious trepidation.


Almost half of professional footballers face the threat of bankruptcy within five years of their retirement. A third will be divorced less than a year after hanging up their boots. Retired, by Irish writer and award-winning stand-up Alan Gernon, asks what actually happens to most footballers once they hang up their boots? How do players cope with going from heroes to zeroes in such a short space of time?


Retired reveals:

  • How some footballers deal with premature retirement through injury, where their career ends overnight.
  • The conditions that retired footballers live with when they hang up their boots.
  • The effects of concussion and brain-related injuries, including interviews with experts and family of Jeff Astle, first footballer to die from CTE.
  • How almost 150 former footballers have ended up in the UK prison systems.
  • Why 90% of these are incarcerated for drugs offences.
  • Why retired footballers are more prone to mental health issues than the general population.
  • How the sport can help those affected.
  • How having a passion alongside football can ease the transition to retirement.
  • How difficult it is for retired footballers to remain in the game as pundits and managers.
  • How retired footballers spend their remaining 16,000+ days (from the average age of retirement at 35 to the average life expectancy of 70 for a UK male.


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Click here to watch Keys and Gray interview Alan Gernon at BeIn Sports.