Our recent Widnes Vikings On This Day star signing event broke all records at the Vikings Superstore – and it’s still not too late to grab your favourite fan a copy for Christmas (or else shuffle it to the top of your book-tokens list!)


The Vikings’ star performers Alex Gerrard (left) and Joe Mellor (right) joined author Mike Healing – the club’s official statistician – to sign books and chat to fans.


Incredibly, the trio sold even more books than local legend Jim Mills – though, admittedly, that was partly thanks to Jim’s own generous praise for On This Day!


Here’s what the critics have said about On This Day, the irresistibly dippable black-and-white diary with an entry for every day of the year.

  • "You know when you've got a good book because you don't want to put it down. You just have to keep on turning the pages to see what's coming next. An absolute treasure trove of memories and highlights." --Widnes Vikings official programme.
  • "Every Widnes fan will learn something from this remarkable trip down memory lane. Make a date with Mike Healing today." --Gary Slater of the Daily Telegraph.
  • "An excellent appetiser for a visit to the Widnes Rugby League Museum." --Deb Townsend, Curator Widnes Rugby League Museum.
  • "Want to know anything about Widnes Vikings through the years? Then this book is a must." --Terry O'Connor, Sky TV and ex Widnes and GB International.
  • "A great book for all interested in the history of this great club, going into great detail, full of players of yesteryear and well written by Mike Healing. A very enjoyable read." --Jim Mills, ex Widnes player and Chairman and Wales & GB International.
  • "What were the Vikings doing on your birthday and on every other day of the year? Well now you know, with this Labour of Love by Mike Healing, another essential addition to the Rugby League library." --Martyn Sadler, Rugby League Express.


Click here for more information, or to read a sample from Widnes Vikings On This Day: History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year