Echoes of an Italian Summer reveals the fascinating stories that underpin the magical Italia 90 World Cup, many of them told for the first time in this enthralling book.

For many football fans – including the author – Italia 90 is fondly remembered as the first World Cup that was truly theirs. While a lot has been written about the tournament itself, many stories surrounding that pivotal World Cup have been lost with the passage of time.

The book examines Italia 90 from a fresh new angle, unearthing an array of stories with this iconic World Cup at their heart that will fascinate football fans everywhere. While reading this superb collection of tales, you’ll learn about the other Schillaci who could have made it to the World Cup, the goalkeeper who went on to play in the NFL, the impact of the removal of the back-pass rule and the story behind the now-legendary kit worn by Germany. 

Echoes of an Italian Summer is full of World Cup nostalgia and previously untold tales. Read and you will discover:

  • The story of the other Schillaci who had the talent to be playing for Italy in the 1990 World Cup
  • How music left an indelible impact on Italia 90 and a generation who cannot hear Nessun Dorma without thinking of that World Cup
  • The goalkeeper who helped his nation achieve what previously was thought as impossible before finding fame as an actor
  • How modern ball-playing goalkeepers have their origin in the one rule that was changed as a direct result of Italia 90
  • The huge cost that Italy paid to organise the World Cup, yet all that it had to show for it was a number of stadia that simply weren't good enough and ultimately knocked the Serie A off its pedestal as the top league in the world
  • The players from Easter Europe who took advantage of the fall of the iron curtain to push moves to Western Europe, even though it wasn't always for the top clubs
  • The story of a reluctant sports fashion designer who came up with one of the most iconic football kits of all time
  • The change in how football was perceived because of what happened at Italia 90, and how this gave rise to modern football

Paul Grech is a prolific author with several books under his belt. Among his notable works are two volumes of Il Re Calcio, which showcase fascinating stories from Italian football. He also wrote The Forgotten Genius of Italian Football, a biography that chronicles the life and career of Carlo Carcano, an early luminary in Italian football management. The book was translated into Italian in 2022.

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