Stumps & Runs & Rock 'n' Roll is Tim Quelch’s evocative account of growing up and growing older with cricket.


The book features telling vignettes of famous and not-so-famous cricketers seen in action by the author throughout his life – including Freddie Trueman, Wes Hall, Brian Statham, Graeme Pollock, John Snow, Peter Burge and Jeff Thomson – whose lasting impressions merge with those of triumph and adversity, pop and politics.


Tim’s tale takes in his post-war era childhood, and passes on through his adolescence, adulthood and later life, recounting the vivid impressions left by an ever-changing cast of players:

  • Wes Hall 1961: Again and again, he pounded in off a prodigiously long run, that began just yards from my cupped chin.”
  • John Snow 1966: Upon reaching the crease from a relaxed, loping run, Snow swayed slightly to his right, bringing him as close to the stumps as possible, flinging his guiding left arm across his chest, as if mimicking a cross-bow…”
  • Derek Underwood 1968: Flat and splay-footed, he waddled to the wicket with the menace of a reclusive accountant bewildered by exposure to the dazzling daylight. But appearances were deeply deceptive...”
  • Bob Willis 1981: He had braved many setbacks in his career on account of dodgy knees, muscular strains and sickness. But inspired by his side’s heroic fightback on the day before, he seemed driven by an irresistible force.” 
  • Devon Malcolm 1994: Malcolm’s gigantic follow-through ended with him head-to-head with Kirsten. It was as if this was a prize fight.”


And that’s just a tiny selection from Tim’s top bowlers!


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