London Festival



Carrie Dunn features among the many star attractions at the LFFW - and you can come and visit us at the Pitch Publishing bookfair stall!

The festival boasts five nights of events celebrating the world of football writing plus a bookfair with an exciting mix of publishers, magazines, fanzines and other brands selling their merch. 

Among the star names appearing at the event are sports lawyer and author Daniel Geey discussing Premier League business; Tony Evans, Simon Hughes and Melissa Reddy talk football in Liverpool; and Michael Cox chats Zonal Marking with Adam 'Football Clichés' Hurrey. 

On Friday 24 May, our own Carrie Dunn is set to discuss The Making of the Women's World Cup, along with Kieran Theivam (author of the book of the same name) and chair Suzy Wrack. They will be covering the current climate of the game in Britain, the Lionesses’ progress under Phil Neville and the exciting prospects for this summer’s FIFA Women's World Cup. 

Carrie Dunn is a writer and broadcaster. She has reported on the last two Women’s World Cups for the Times and for, and regularly features on radio and television discussing and commentating on women’s football - as she will this summer when the tournament is in France. She is the author of The Roar of the Lionesses, one of the Guardian's best sports books of 2016, and the forthcoming sequel, The Pride of the Lionesses, out this autumn.

21-25 May: London Festival of Football Writing.
Events 21-24 May take place at Golazio, Camberwell. Event on 25 May and the Bookfair take place at the Brockway Room at Conway Hall, Holborn.

The bookfair runs from 11am-4.30pm with a whole host of publishers, magazines and fanzines. We hope to see you there!

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