Which club's would-be owner saw a UFO and was spoken to by aliens? Which Liverpool legend scored an own-goal from the penalty spot in his testimonial match? And what was historic about Gershom Cox's goal for Aston Villa against Wolves in 1888? (Answers below).


Football is about goals, great players and glory. But it's also about own goals, goats and the game gone wrong. Pulp Football looks at the comedy rather than the beauty of the world's favourite sport, the farce not the force: the incompetent coaches, the 30-yard thunderbolt that ends up in the wrong net, the players' Christmas parties that ended up in the courts.


Nick Szczepanik is a sports journalist with more than 20 years' writing about football, and his byline has appeared on the football pages of every national daily.


Pulp Football is what it says it is: an amazing anthology of true football stories you simply couldn't make up! Read the book to discover:

  • Which team kept their false teeth in the keeper's hat during a European final
  • Which club's director had a gun pulled on him after a match
  • Which England star fell through a stand roof while shooting pigeons
  • Who scored a goal while carrying an umbrella
  • Which club moved Christmas to August
  • Which England goalkeeper tried out for the Miami Dolphins
  • Which manager nearly electrocuted one of his players
  • Which manager wore his club tracksuit on a visit to a Thai massage parlour
  • Which Man City midfielder was named Most Influential Human Being of the Millennium


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1) Man U’s Michael Knighton

2) Jamie Carragher

3) First ever own-goal in League football.