Swansea City Greatest Games official launch

Swansea City Greatest Games official launch

New Pitch Publishing title Swansea City Greatest Games was officially launched on Friday, October 3rd at Waterstones Swansea, where a good crowd gathered to be entertained with brilliant anecdotes and a rousing introduction from legendary Swansea City club chaplain Kevin Johns. 


Author Chris Carra then took to the stage to read the first chapter of the book in its entirety. He also gave a short talk about the research and writing process, before answering an array of questions from the audience.


"The launch was an amazing occasion; definitely one of the best nights of my life so far," said Chris. "I'm a much better writer than I am public speaker, but everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy hearing about how I wrote the book and the games that I included. And Kevin Johns was an absolute joy to listen to.


"And the book itself is fantastic - not the just content, but the quality. It feels really good to hold and read through; Pitch Publishing have done a superb job.


"The whole writing process was a brilliant experience, because the Swans had such a colourful history to work with. Swansea City is a model football club that all other clubs in the world should aspire to. 


"They've developed a wonderful footballing philosophy both on and off the field, and that is something that made this book so entertaining for me to work on and hopefully for everyone to read."


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