Six Premier League Legends: Where Are They Now?

Six Premier League Legends: Where Are They Now?

For years, Adam Carroll-Smith bragged about his Merlin Premier League '96 sticker album. The only sticker book he ever completed, the album was a special childhood achievement that helped cement his love for football.


After nearly two decades gathering dust in the loft, he rediscovered his precious sticker book. But as flicked through the pages, full of ancient pros like Colin Hendry, Steve Morrow and Barry Venison, he discovered a small problem


In fact, there are half-a-dozen. The precious sticker album he remembered as complete, isn't.


Six stickers – Stuart Ripley (Middlesbrough, Blackburn), Lars Bohinen (Blackburn, Nottingham Forest, Derby County), Philippe Albert (Newcastle United, Fulham), Scott Minto (Chelsea, West Ham), Gary Penrice (Watford, Bristol Rover, QPR, Aston Villa) and Keith Curle (Wimbledon, Manchester City) – are missing.


Determined to re-complete his album, Adam embarks on a spur-of-the-moment mission to track down and photograph the half-dozen players still missing from the album - hoping to finally complete his treasured collection.


Six Stickers is a warm, uplifting story of life and football.


In this epic, nostalgic tale of adventure and obsession, Adam gets lost in Belgium and even more lost in Kent, finds out more than he could ever want to know about Henry VIII, attempts to brush the moustache of a former Premier League legend, and eats chocolate biscuits with an ex-England winger, all in pursuit of his goal – collecting those last six stickers.


The book explores the curious thrill of sticker collecting, and examines what it is that makes anyone fall in love with the beautiful game.


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