Highs, Lows and Bakayokos explores the 1990s – what a time to be an Evertonian! Brushes with relegation, financial ups and downs, a club drifting without purpose; it was a decade that saw Everton fall off the pace, abandoning the club's long-held position as a member of English football's elite.


Jim Keoghan shines a light on this transformative time for one of the game's oldest and grandest clubs. Check out our exclusive free sample chapter on the link below – and so to the highly popular extract published by Football365 earlier this week.


Highs, Lows and Bakayokos reveals the story of the decade which changed the club forever:

  • Relive the moments of high emotion; the narrow escapes from relegation, victories at Anfield, and a day of wonder at Wembley!
  • Enjoy the recollections of players, managers, owners and fans.
  • Barry Horne remembers ‘that’ goal against Wimbledon, Paul Rideout recalls Wembley ‘95 and Kevin Campbell describes the glory of scoring for Everton in front of the Kop.
  • Find out what the players really thought of Mike Walker!
  • Discover what went wrong in the 1990s, the false dawns, the sense of drift, the feeling of a club losing its way.
  • Read how and why the supporters came back in their thousands when the club needed them the most.
  • See how football changed in the 1990s and what this meant for Everton; the rise of commercialism, the influx of money, the globalisation of the English top-flight.
  • See the similarities between then and now, the parallels between Peter Johnson and Farhad Moshiri; the big-ticket transfers, the promise of a new stadium, the belief that the club was destined for bigger and better things.
  • Read how the 1990s helped shape the Everton that we know today.


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Click here to read the extract published by Football365: The story of Everton’s last-day survival.