This Friday, 26 August, lifelong Liverpool fan, playwright Ian Salmon launches his new book at Waterstones Liverpool 1. From 6pm, Ian will be signing copies of They Say our Days Are Numbered and chatting to fellow fans about the Reds, their shared experiences and his own unique take on last season. Please do drop by and say hello!


In 2015 Ian inherited his late father's season ticket and took ownership of a seat which had been in his family for decades, arriving just in time for a season of change. It was a season that would see the redevelopment of the main stand around it and make his new seat's very future an uncertain one.


Fighting on two fronts, at home and in Europe, could Klopp make it a season to remember for the Anfield faithful? They Say Our Days are Numbered is Liverpool Football Club's 2015/16 season through one fan's eyes.


In They Say our Days Are Numbered you will discover:

  • That the best route to a Swiss final involves martinis in Milan;
  • That the author is extremely likely to change his opinions of players on a match-by-match basis. Like the rest of you.
  • That fans still hold some power no matter what anybody tells you;
  • That 20,000 people rising as one and leaving early is a beautiful sight;
  • That the nights that only happen once in a lifetime happen to Liverpool fans ALL the time;
  • That football affects everything else in your life and everything else affects the football;
  • That the people that you meet because of this game are with you for life;
  • That getting older is inevitable but getting old is a choice;
  • That there’s very little as heartbreaking as the rain in Switzerland;
  • That, if we’re lucky, we pass all this on through the generations;
  • Oh, and how Liverpool and Everton managed to avoid ruining the author’s (Evertonian) wife’s birthday.


Ian Salmon is a Liverpool-born and -based playwright and journalist. Highly Commended in the Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize 2015 for his play The Comeback Special, he also wrote Slip Away, the Buxton Open Shorts winner of the same year. He is a regular contributor to the award-winning podcast The Anfield Wrap and now a proud Liverpool season-ticket holder.


Click here for more information, or to read a sample from They Say Our Days Are Numbered.