From Illness to Ironman – Transplant Triathlete is an uplifting and inspirational story which ties in with this important news event, running 5-11 September.


An ironman triathlon is seen as the hardest one-day endurance event in the world. Consisting of a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride, followed by a full marathon, it is a huge undertaking for anyone, never mind a rookie with chronic kidney disease.


Transplant Triathlete is Diccon Driver's story: an amateur triathlete who refused to let kidney failure stop him from racing. Even after doctors told him his dream of finishing an ironman was impossible, he didn't give up. With just 20 per cent kidney function, he proved them wrong to complete his first ironman.


In Transplant Triathlete you will discover:

  • What it takes to train for an event of this scale, while suffering from kidney disease.
  • How a strong mindset can overcome almost any obstacle.
  • What a daily struggle it is to live with kidney failure.
  • What a living donor has to go through.
  • How it feels to have family member put their life on the line to help you.
  • The difference a transplant can make to someone’s life.
  • How facing your own mortality can completely change your outlook on life.


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