Gary Edwards lives and breathes Leeds United, and sees the world through unique White-tinted nostalgic glasses, which give the impression that Leeds are ‘still’ champions of Europe.


A naturally gifted comedian, Fifty Shades of White is Gary’s fifth book, packed with more fabulous, rib-tickling tales collected over a lifetime following one of the most talked-about football clubs in the world...


After yet another disappointing season, I secured a rare private meeting with the Italian owner to try and get inside his complicated mind. Massimo Cellino’s plush office overlooks the statue of Don Revie and he looked at it through the tinted windows before sitting behind his huge desk. Cellino stubbed out yet another cigarette and looked at me. “Are you really the man who hasn’t missed a Leeds United game anywhere in the world for almost 50 years?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded. He tilted his head slightly forward and peered over his glasses before saying, ‘You must be mad!’


I found it hard to disagree with him.


Discover just how far it’s possible to go in support of one club over 50 years of superfandom.  Welcome to the extremely Leeds-centric world of Gary Edwards.

  • Not missing a Leeds game anywhere in the world since February 1968 comes with a certain amount of pressure. Hear some of the lengths the author has gone through to preserve his run.
  • As an atheist he once went to church alone to ask for divine intervention to prevent Leeds United from getting relegated. He remains an atheist.
  • Arrived in Berlin for a Leeds game only to find it had been cancelled because of simultaneous marches by Gay Pride activists and the Neo Fascist Party.
  • In 2005, whilst in Norway for a Leeds pre-season tour, he was prevented from going down an Olympic ski slope – on a black bin liner.
  • Gary goes beyond the fur of football mascots and delves into a world verging on a triple-X certificate.
  • And much, much further...


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