This is the story of what happens when a football club changes overnight and fans are left to deal with the fallout. Cardiff City: Rebranded tells how the club's change from blue, a colour the club had worn for more than a century, to red in the summer of 2012 caused absolute and unnecessary turmoil.


Author Scott Johnson – who has a weekly Cardiff City column in the South Wales Echo – draws on the fans' perspective, with first-hand accounts from supporters, players and those involved with the club, all set against the backdrop of a turbulent first-ever season in the Premier League.


In Cardiff City: Rebranded you will discover:

  • How the rebrand was leaked on a message board post and the fury that resulted;
  • How such strong opposition resulted in the shelving of the rebrand;
  • Why the threat of losing out on a £100m sweetener saw a change of heart amongst fans;
  • Why some supporters decided to walk away out of principal;
  • How opposition to the rebrand was met with threats of violence;
  • How Cardiff won the Championship title as the majority of supporters accepted the changes;
  • How promotion to the Premier League saw Vincent Tan’s profile and notoriety rise;
  • Why a downturn in form and the sacking of Malky Mackay resulted in renewed opposition;
  • How the formation of Bluebirds Unite turned the tide and saw a return to blue;
  • The views of supporters, journalists and players that witnessed events first hand.


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