Click here to listen to the Champions Special Pitch Football Podcast - as three Pitch authors offer their insight into what has been a truly remarkable season at Anfield.

Jeff Goulding, Bob Holmes and David Segar joined host, fellow Pitch author and former Times football writer Nick Szczepanik to explain exactly why this has been the one of the finest, if not the finest period in the club's illustrious history (unfortunately Lee Scott was ruled out by illness).

The quartet have written extensively on the Reds and in particular their beloved head coach Jürgen Klopp, and each will give their thoughts on the past year, and look at what the future holds for Klopp and Liverpool.

It's our second Pitch Football Podcast, and once which we will also be inviting questions from the virtual audience in the final segment of what promises to be a must-see live virtual show. 

Goulding is the author of the Red Odyssey trilogy, with the third book Champions Under Lockdown due out in August is the story of Liverpool's remarkable 2019/20 season. Jeff also penned Stanley Park Love Story and has worked with former Reds reserve George Scott on his autobiography The Lost Shankly Boy, also out this year. 

Holmes is the author of Shanks, Yanks and Jürgenwhich was initially published in Malaysia, but Bob has updated for release here in the UK and US also in August. 

His book explains why he feels Bill Shankly had a hand in Liverpool's return to the top of English football. There's much about the modern game 'Shanks' would have hated, but there's a lot about the modern Reds he would have loved, and Holmes explains how Shanks's philosophies still resonate today.  

Segar penned KloppiteA staunch Kloppite himself, David nailed his colours firmly to the mast when he wrote his first edition of the book and told how Klopp was turning doubting Reds into believers, way back in 2017, at a time when there were still more than a few dissenting voices amongst the Liverpool fan base. 

The charismatic German eventually took the club to Premier League, European and world success, but the foundations were laid in his first two years at Anfield, and Kloppite examines just how the bespectacled coach set about reigniting the red flame in that period

Future episodes will be listed on our website, and we may even do some live events with readers and listeners invited to pose their questions.