Congratulations go out to Doug Richards, whose life-changing Running Hot & Cold eBook has been deservedly nominated for the 2016 Running Awards.


If you’re one of the many readers who has enjoyed retired university lecturer Doug’s ‘therapeutic’ adventures running in most of the world’s least hospitable climates and terrains, please do VOTE FOR DOUG! on the Running Awards website.


Meanwhile, if you’re a runner of a certain vintage – or are simply thinking of going for a jog around the park – you’ll need to read Doug’s story as a warning just how far the running bug can carry you. (Here’s a shot of Doug in the Myanmar sun last November, a relative breeze compared to the war zones, deserts and tundra he usually frequents!)


Look out for a feature on Doug in London’s new free Coach magazine, and get Doug’s expert advice on a forthcoming Twitter forum run by UKRunChat.co.uk. This is scheduled for 8-9pm on November 18th – please do click along and join in.


And be sure to download the mind-blowing eBook…


It's now a common sight to see people of all ages and abilities running through our towns, parks and rural areas; but it can still be surprising where the running journey can take us. Doug Richards was indifferent to exercise until, approaching his middle years, he became increasingly aware of his declining fitness. So Doug took up running. Rather slowly at first; but he made steady progress.

Follow Doug's journey – overcoming modern-life obstacles including a marriage breakdown, work-related stress, anxiety and depression – from that very first one-mile run to marathons at home and abroad. And so on to wider and wilder horizons.

How do you prepare for running 140 miles across the Sahara Desert? How does a bus-pass-bearing pensioner stay upright running on Greenland's polar ice-cap? Read of a confrontation with elephants in South Africa, puddles in the desert in China and the emotional rollercoaster of running in tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka.


Click here for more information or to download Running Hot & Cold, the inspirational new eBook from Doug Richards.