Caught in the Middle



Mike Procter is a serious contender for the tag of greatest all-rounder of all time. Blessed with pace, swing and a free-spirited nature at the crease, 'Proccie' was primed for the biggest stages. But, like the rest of a fantastic generation of South African sportsmen, his Test career was cut short by politics.

Caught in the Middle is a look at Procter's force of will to stamp his mark through county cricket. World Series Cricket also gave him the stage to showcase his full range of skills. In the second half of a lifelong journey with the sport, Procter the coach, manager and selector for the new South Africa was central to some of the modern era's most iconic and dramatic moments.

While in the autumn of his career, Procter the match referee was caught in the middle of the Darrell Hair chronicles, Monkeygate in Australia, and the bomb blast that ended international cricket in Pakistan. A compelling read, Caught in the Middle is the fascinating story of a lifelong love affair with cricket.

Mike Procter shares unmissable memories of his career and life in cricket, including:

  • The 1971 walkoff of at Newlands, in protest of the Apartheid government refusing to endorse a multi-racial touring party
  • Being a dressing-room attendant for the mighty West Indies in his teens, which sparked an enduring friendship between the game’s greatest all-rounders
  • Appearing as an overseas pro in County cricket in the 70s – and ruining a good suit with an impromptu game of rugby
  • The trip to Newmarket races which got out of hand, resulting in Procter falling on his face out in the middle
  • A surprising invitation to dinner at John Arlott's house
  • A brush with the law involving human trafficking from Rhodesia to Europe
  • Being relieved of his South African coaching duties whilst in an intensive care unit
  • Sharing the commentary box with Bill Lawry for THAT 1999 World Cup semi-final

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