If you’re a football programme collector or simply a football fan who remembers mud, mavericks and men in white coats standing on street corners, you’ve probably already got Fully Programmed.


For those 227 of you who are still holding out against all odds… get with the programme!


There’s been a unanimous thumbs-up for one of Pitch Publishing’s recent biggest sellers.


  • "Such artefacts can have a powerful effect on men of a certain age." --FIFA Weekly


  • “Derek Hammond and Gary Silke have already achieved critical praise and impressive sale figures for their excellent  Got Not Got’ and ‘Lost World of’ series of books on footballing nostalgia. This book represents another worthy addition to their collection. As a social history of how Britain has changed through the decades, this is fascinating. The type of book that you will come back to time and time again, discovering different gems from a bygone era. My advice is, take this book, lock yourself in a quiet room and let yourself be transported to the past by reading through that long forgotten programme collection.” –


  • "A treat of nostalgia.” --Sport magazine


  • "Captures the essence of what made football programmes so special during that halcyon thirty-year period between the paper rationing of the early post-War era and the sterility and uniformity of this computer age. I think the book is great." --Hyder Jawad, Soccerama


  • "These two authors fully deserve to be recognised as the leading writers and historians of British football nostalgia for the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. This latest book by them covers football programmes for this period of time and is an excellent read. I highly recommend this book, as I would do with all their books so far. Firstly, I would definitely recommend it for anyone who collects football programmes and memorabilia, no matter what team you support. Match programmes from the last 20 years, in my opinion, have less of the unique character and identity of these older programmes seen in this book. Well done to authors Derek Hammond and Gary Silke, who have kept up their great work with this latest book."
  • “A nostalgic masterpiece.” --Book of the Week, Ping-E-lieër magazine,Voetbal Club Rios, Netherlands

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