To help keep Britain reading, we are cutting our ebook prices to just £4.99 on the majority of our backlist eBook titles. 

This means you can download and read any one of our hundreds of sports books for less than a fiver, with some distributors offering further discounts too. 

That includes a number of top award-winning titles across a several sporting genres... and we are asking Pitch authors to pick their favourites each week and make reading recommendations. 

It’s easier than ever to download eBooks, if you have access via a reader, tablet, laptop or smart phone. 

All our eBooks these can also be ordered from the web retailers below. It takes the strain off the delivery system and you can buy and download the majority of our 400+ titles from the following websites:

If you don't usually read by eBook, we have pulled together the following advice. For Pitch Publishing titles the main eBook retailers are Amazon, Apple and Kobo.

Amazon (Kindle) and Kobo both offer free reading apps for many different platforms including PC, Mac, Android phones and tablets and Apple iPhones and iPads.

These reading apps can be used to purchase and read eBooks, or the reader can purchase an eBook from the retailer's website and then access it through their own app.

For example, a reader could use their computer to browse Amazon's Kindle Store, purchase an eBook and then read it on their phone or tablet via an Amazon app.

But it's important to note, you cannot read an eBook purchased from Amazon on a Kobo reading app, or vice versa.

Apple sell eBooks through their Books app. As with the other major retailers, if you purchase an eBook through the Books app on your MacBook, for example, you would also be able to access it through any other Apple device linked to the same Apple account.

But again, it's important to note you cannot read eBook purchased through Apple's Book app on non-Apple devices such as a Windows laptop or an Android phone or tablet.

You can also access eBooks through various library platforms and subscription channels, which allows you to read multiple titles for a set fee, usually monthly.