Out this week, Calcio’s Greatest Forwards is full of insights and anecdotes, scrutinising all the deadliest goal machines in Serie A history.


Football journalist George Rinaldi (Football Italia, Forza Italian Football, FourFourTwo) devotes a chapter to each of the 21 best strikers to have graced L'Italia since 1929, delving deep into the back stories of Serie A's finest attackers.


Packed with incident and scandal, huge characters and impossible goals, Calcio’s Greatest Forwards covers the sharp end of Italian football, from the war-torn period of yesteryear to the selfie and no-laced boots of today. The highlights come thick and fast:

  • Kurt Hamrin flipping the bird to Rangers fans in the first ever final of the Cup Winners' Cup of 1961
  • Giuseppe Meazza waking up in a stranger's bed before a title-deciding match for Inter.
  • The struggle for the fallen soldier Roberto Baggio having to use his car door to stand following 220 stitches a few years prior.
  • The infamous ‘Match of the Can’ incident involving Roberto Boninsegna that saw the Italian get hit with a Coca-Cola can versus Borussia Monchengladbach
  • A prime example of Francesco Totti's humour with reference to his joke book Tutti le barzellette su Totti (All the Jokes about Totti).
  • The tragic yet breathless story of Gigi Riva's Scudetto with Cagliari, following his mother and father's death.
  • Christian Vieri's late-night escapades with Ronaldo that saw the Brazilian "honk until I came down so we'd go out again."
  • A foreword from writer and broadcaster Gabriele Marcotti, alongside various introductions from the best sports writers in Italian European football


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