We Are Sunday League



The real-life story of Wizards FC, a team of former school friends who – with a few star ringers – slogged their way through mud, rain, skinheads and Staffordshire bull terriers (and their business) to the summit of Sunday League football in north London.

It’s about growing up, friendship, being a man (sometimes), injuries and passion. Ewan Flynn brings alive the bobbly pitches, the scars of professional careers cut short, the thrill of lifting Sunday League silverware, even the dream-come-true of captaining your country against the World Champions in a UEFA European Championship qualifier.

No schoolboy was ever captivated by net spends and transfer windows. We Are Sunday League reminds us why we fell in love with the game, and why once football has you, it never lets you go.

We Are Sunday League comes from the untold side of football. It’s a heartfelt, real-life account of the grassroots amateur game by the captain of the Wizards FC:

  • Laugh-out-loud funny, sad and insightful, it will resonate with anyone who’s ever shared a rainswept football pitch with their mates – and anyone who wonders why they still do
  • A mud-spattered tale of growing up, friendship, family, fathers and sons
  • Interviews explore professional careers cruelly cut short, and one player’s Roy-of-the-Rovers rise from Sunday League to captaining his country away in Germany against the World Champions in a UEFA European Championships qualifier 
  • Explains how the collapse of ITV Digital directly led to the Wizards reaching the summit of Sunday League football in north London
  • Describes the sole spectator at one of the team’s matches at the local authority playing field – who turned out to be a legendary Argentinian World Cup winner
  • Explores why anyone would become a Sunday League referee
  • Recounts how one of the team’s players was pulled out of the crowd at White Hart Lane by the Spurs manager and asked to replace him in the hot seat during the season’s final game
  • Recalls how the team captain underwent six operations in a month on a torn anterior cruciate ligament and ended up being treated with anti-leprosy antibiotics
  • Colour photo section includes pictures from the Wizards’ personal collections charting the team’s journey

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