Blind Dave



From Light to Dark is the inspirational story of runner, cyclist and motivational speaker Blind Dave Heeley, written in collaboration with Sophie Parkes-Nield. Earlier this year, Dave’s amazing story caused a sensation in the press and among runners of all abilities – and now it’s out ready for Christmas in paperback.


Since the launch of the book, Dave has amassed new stories and experiences at the legendary Escape from Alcatraz event – 'Only the Toughest Tri There Is!' – which featured a 1.5-mile swim around Alcatraz in San Fran Bay, an 18-mile bike ride and 8-mile run. Incredibly, Dave had to learn to swim to take part in the Triathlon! Sounds like there could be another book in the offing?


Stop press: Dave’s new challenge is still due to be officially announced, but it sounds like another unbelievable effort. “It is a series of runs over the year throughout the country,” Dave says. “We begin in January with a run in Edinburgh, finishing in November in Ethiopia!”


With a foreword by the veteran and record-breaking English adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, From Light to Dark is a heart-warming, inspirational tale of triumph over adversity.

  • How does an active, adventurous personality deal with a life-changing diagnosis of blindness? From Light To Dark tells of one man's determination to live life to the full, regardless – but drinking, depression and marriage breakdowns inevitably take their toll.
  • Can anyone ever accept blindness? Dave candidly explains how it feels to cope with the onset of blindness, and how family life, employment, interests, skills and hobbies are all affected.
  • But this is no 'misery memoir'. Dave's infectious sense of humour laughs from every page, detailing every funny scrape – both literal and metaphorical. From the time he was lost in Blackpool dressed in drag, to the occasion he encountered a foreman's office with a forklift truck.
  • A combination of increasing blindness and business success meant that Dave left his sporting prowess behind. He took up running and cycling again, much later in life. The book documents this passage from beginner to amateur endurance athlete.
  • Dave's fundraising endurance challenges have caught the attention of the press the world over. This autobiography takes readers through every pain barrier, every moment of mental anguish as he and his teams complete some of the planet's toughest feats.
  • It's no surprise that Dave makes his living from speaking about his experiences. From Light To Dark is as honest, funny and touching as his speeches.

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