Fully Programmed is the perfect Christmas present for the football-mad bloke in your life, whether it’s your dad, your husband, your son, your brother, your mate, your uncle, your granddad – or yourself!


The latest in the long line of fan-friendly hits from retro gurus Gary Silke & Derek Hammond, Fully Programmed enables football addicts of a certain vintage to look back fondly on the football programme’s ‘Golden Era’ of the 1960s-1990s.


This beautiful, hilarious, evocative book is a must-have for football collectors and nostalgics – and for any fan who remembers mud, mavericks and men in white coats standing on street corners.

  • All the top English and Scottish clubs’ most iconic programme covers included.
  • Travel in time through the medium of the prog – insane fonts, unbelievable cover stars and negligible action shots that will whisk you back to childhood.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly – from landmarks in graphic art to clipart and the dreaded rise of Desktop Publishing.
  • Psychedelic progs, newspaper progs, sexy progs, prog product placement, prog rock, and more.


Click here for more information, and to take a sneak peek inside the pages of Fully Programmed – before Christmas morning!


Already got Got, Not Got? Get The Lost World of Football, Shirt Tales & Short Stories, What a Shot! or your own club edition: There are now no less than 14 in the series, including Leeds United, Manchester United, West Ham United, Derby County,   Manchester City, Norwich City, Liverpool, Coventry City, Leicester City, Ipswich Town, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and Southampton.


Not got Got, Not Got?


“The real magic is the collection and display of the illustrative material of stickers, badges, programme covers, Subbuteo figures and other ephemera. It is astonishingly thorough, well-presented, inspired and indeed had me going, ‘yes, got, got, not got, forgot, never seen’.”  --When Saturday Comes


“The perfect stocking filler for Christmas.” --BBC Radio London


The Lost World of Football?


"Wonder at the unreconstructed non-PC days when Manchester City bikinis were on sale in the Maine Road club shop, when a top-selling football annual promoted Park Drive cigarettes, and when Coventry City invited their more photogenic female fans to be 'our girl of the match' in the programme. Just as Got, Not Got invited the reader on an irresistible meander down Memory Lane, The Lost World Of Football is no easier to put down." --Backpass


"I can think of no one who would love this book more than Harry Redknapp. If Jamie's listening today, if you're looking for a little stocking-filler for the old man, it's just unashamed nostalgia. Give this to your dad on Christmas Day and you're going to lose him 'til dinner time, then again afterwards." --Paul Hawksbee, talkSPORT