Notts County fans! This Thursday lunchtime, Magpies star stopper Mike Edwards and author Tim Evershed will be signing copies of Notts County On This Day – the ultimate Notts stocking-filler!


The event is taking place at Waterstones in Nottingham city centre. Mike and Tim will be chatting with fans and signing copies between 1pm and 2pm.


Notts County On This Day includes hundreds of quirky anecdotes, legendary characters and big-match highlights – it’s an irresistibly dippable Magpies diary, with an entry for every day of the year.


Check out what the critics have said about Tim Evershed’s brilliantly researched Notts County On This Day.

  • "Succeeds in educating and enthralling at the same time. Some entries are entertaining, others are upsetting, but all are incredibly engrossing. The sheer level of research that has gone into this book is staggering. I can guarantee that anyone reading this book will discover things they never previously knew about the Magpies. An absolute gem of a book, and if you're a Magpies fan, this book needs to become part of your library as soon as possible."
  • "A quality stocking filler. Christmas is only a few weeks away, which means Notts County fans are going to be looking out for black and white stocking fillers. It's a perfect book for the coffee table and details every significant moment in the club's history and on the day it occurred. Evershed's book is full of fascinating facts and is a treat for any Magpies fan looking for a book to pass the time." --Nottingham Post
  • "A meticulously researched journey through the year of Notts County from its inception in 1862 right up to 2015. Fans of Notts County - as well as general football history nerds - will enjoy this book. I was unaware that the club had such a rollercoaster past."
  • "A meticulously researched diary that reflects the major and minor events that form the basis of Notts County's long and occasionally illustrious history. Whilst those who have the Magpies at heart will find it compelling reading, the book will also appeal to football fans in general. What's more, it's safe to say that even those such as myself, who like to think they have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the club, will find numerous fresh facts within." --Mick Chappell, Notts County Club Historian
  • "No fewer than eleven books on Notts County, some of them well thumbed, adorn my bookshelves. Tim Evershed's is different in scope and presentation to all the others. The author is to be congratulated for proving, yet again, that there's always something new to uncover." --Colin Slater, BBC Radio Nottingham
  • "Notts County supporters and football fans in general will enjoy a fascinating new book by freelance journalist Tim Evershed. All the obvious things are in there with references to promotions and relegations and club legends such as Jimmy Sirrel, Jack Wheeler, Tommy Lawton, Don Masson, Albert Ironmonger, Les Bradd, Tommy Johnson and Jackie Sewell. But it is some of the lesser known moments and faces that make this such a fascinating read. Every page is a memory for an older fan or a fascinating insight into the club's past for younger fans."


Click here for more information, or to read a free sample from Notts County On This Day – History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year.