At last, a football book ‘celebrating’ the glories of basement football rather than the Premier League elite.


Gus Honeybun, Your Boys Took One Hell of a Beating tells the story of a lifetime aboard the emotional roller-coaster of inconsistency which is Exeter City – one of English football's most unfashionable and unsuccessful clubs.


See below for details of the launch at St. James’s Park this evening, 1 April!


What it is like to devote your football-supporting life to a club whose average finish in the Football League is 75th out of 92? Simon Carter knows all too well, and despite Exeter City's league history he's still got his sense of humour.

  • Gus... is a 'celebration' of 'proper football fans' and their love of a wonderfully inconsistent club.
  • For all the shelves of books devoted to the Premier League elite, at last here’s one devoted to the massive lows and fantastic highs of lower division football – including the wonderful night that puppet rabbit Gus Honeybun will want to forget.
  • Discover the joys of travelling from the depths of the West Country to Wigan for a third division game on Boxing Day. And so to Halifax Town on a Friday night – just three days after a Tuesday night trip to Crewe!
  • There are many embarrassing defeats, but also numerous days in the metaphorical sunshine – drawing at Old Trafford as a non league club, reaching Wembley via a penalty shoot-out. Not to mention watching your rivals rivals avoid relegation because of a police dog biting a player.
  • How many Premier League fans can say they have represented their club away from home in a national competition? And hated every second of it.
  • And how many can say they have stood outside an office block knowing their club's chairman could walk out of it at any moment with news that club has ceased to exist?


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Click here for details of tonight’s launch event at St James’s Park