From Orient to the Emirates



This is the story of Burnley Football Club’s remarkable recovery from the brink of oblivion, made without the help of ultra-rich benefactors. It concerns the fall and rise of a small-town club, once renowned for its advanced playing style, tactical and coaching innovations and flourishing youth policy.

Orient to the Emirates tells how this former leading club was brought to its knees during the mid-80s by adverse economic circumstances and imprudent management, how it narrowly escaped relegation to the Football Conference in 1987 – and with it probable liquidation – to once again become a force at the top of English football.

The story is largely told in the words of those who took part in this incredible 30-year journey – the directors, managers, players, support staff and supporters. It is an uplifting account of success achieved very much against the odds, founded on indomitable spirit, canny planning and, above all, hard graft. As Burnley’s brilliant manager, Sean Dyche, puts it: “Minimum requirement: maximum effort.”

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‘Before the [1987 club-saving] Orient game, the police came into our dressing room. We knew that if we lost, they couldn't guarantee our safety. If you go back to the Hereford home game [lost 0-6], we weren't allowed outside of the dressing room, so God knows what would have happened, given the passion in the town.’
– Ashley Hoskin, former Burnley player

‘We were so committed financially. We’d increased the wages bill enormously; everybody [manager] John Bond brought in was on top money which was £300 per week. So, we were letting go the likes of Lee Dixon on £140 a week and bringing in Gerry Gow on £300 per week.’
– Derek Gill, Burnley FC managing director 1983-85.

‘Owen Coyle taught us the power of positive thinking. It’s a confidence thing. “You fake it to make it”. You give people confidence, from that you play better, and from that comes more confidence and then you become a better player.’
– Clarke Carlisle speaking of his 2009 promotion-winning manager, Owen Coyle

‘I spoke to the team about Ed Moses, who was not beaten over ten years in 122 races. I said, “imagine getting to 50, then 70, then 90. What were his thoughts about the challenges, his opposition and all the science allowing everyone to get better and stronger?” But he just kept winning. Now I'm not suggesting we will win forever, but you must be open-minded and push away that thought that we're due a defeat because we're not.’
– Current manager, Sean Dyche addressing his promotion-winning side in 2013

‘Given how far we have come in these thirty years, it is an amazing journey, but one which is far from over in many ways. Maybe it’s just beginning. Up the Clarets!’
– Mike Garlick, Chairman, Burnley Football Club