When Football Came Home

When Football Came Home

Subtitle: England, the English and Euro 96
Author: Michael Gibbons
Price: £12.99
Publication date: 1st March 2016
ISBN: 9781785311284
Format: Paperback
Size: 216 x 138
Pages: 272

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When Football Came Home is the story of the 1996 European Championship played out in England, a tournament which became the centrepiece of a momentous and unforgettable British summer. Set against a backdrop of Britpop, Cool Britannia and the unstoppable rise of Tony Blair, the England team went closer to winning a tournament than at any point since 1966. It was a summer that nobody really wanted to end - and certainly not as it did, losing against Germany on penalties.   

About the author

Mike Gibbons is a writer and the co-author of the book Danish Dynamite: The Story of Football's Greatest Cult Team. He has also written articles for Eurosport, the Daily Telegraph, The Blizzard and Mundial magazine.

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